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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Thanks for the Recourse Autumn

Autumn -
a time of declining daylight,
and noticeable angles of sun not elevated in sky
anticipating color,
bright rumblings of the last flight of butterflies in the stomach of our growing season,
youthful preparation for grade-school,
                                                             high school,
                                                                                 any school.
of pedal bikes,
wind-blown leaves,
pumpkins smiling on the doorstep -
      even the most forbidden neighborhoods walk hand in hand
      illumined by her prayerful gaze
      intertwined with soil.

of fife & drum corps
marching to the football silhouettes across the grain,
serenading far away corn stalks -
a sway to the beat of upcoming decay.

of trees who expose there secret whispers of nakedness and burr.
Charlie Brown oaks filled with swarming, sanctified american bats
who celebrate the time of declining daylight
and noticeable angles of sun not elevated in sky.


her pale features,
that I miss.

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