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Friday, August 9, 2013

What Attracts Our Hearts or Everything's Fine, Chin Up and Heave Away

Most of the time I let the urge sway in the breeze… but every once in a while I recognize (and acknowledge) the many passions which ebb and swell in my heart of hearts.  It's only recently that I confirm yet again the origin of a deep longing to know, love, and serve God. Amazing as it truly is - all desire and attraction originate in this little tiny soul garden whose voice I hear. But some of the time I'm convinced of being convicted, so thank you for being present and near. Let me never under-estimate the value of chemistry and prudence.  Now, in the most recent of moments, I'll sift through "magnetic, attractive feelings" and recognize what is meant for beautiful expression toward others, and what is meant for humble prayer. Pope Francis provides a nice reminder in his recent Angelus. ; >)   Thinking a lot about this lately.

"Melotte 15 in the Heart"

Love heart


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