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Saturday, July 6, 2013

A Waking Dream Tonight (Channeling a Nightmare)

Remembering Vichy,Paris

His clawing nausea and dawn of spring
remembers you,
not your black map cast easily amongst the lilies of the field,
when truly the moment is driven by photos which lead a frightened soul beyond blossoming

His news reins an impressive,
blossoming flat of endless, lifeless hallway words.
A dimension of ideas which closing cinemas betray,
like a lingering smell of foreign chapters and 
a traveling grey uniform
suggests anywhere but here
L'État Français.

Paris seldom disappoints when the familiar
voice yells
Come get it anyway!
The Vichy geek pity!
Let’s see what honesty is really made of!

A young woman’s journal is key:

“I cross these borders and tensions
everyday…I must change-it up,
several homes I see..."
Photo: Micheal Wallner

I'm yelling and crying my fare, 

imagining something concealed or constipated ready to meet
my border hotel of self-exile,
when a soothing voice speaks to me,
She cries with me...

Who's going to be a part of the strong times?
Who's going to be a part of the weak times?

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