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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

"The Last Night of the Year" Winner is...

Credit: E.F. Baker
Dear  Mr. E.F. Baker,

I am so pleased to inform you that your photo has been awarded first place winner in"The Last Night of the Year"  creativity in the arts program sponsored by Harbor Star. My sincerest thanks for such a unique and intriguing photograph! Unfortunately, due to limited time and resources, the prestigious ceremony and wealthy financial gifts have been postponed... indefinitely. Instead, I leave you with my humble praise and recognition (and I'm sure BC's too). I hope you enjoy a sampling of the principal interpretive comments and quotes concerning your award winning work.

In no particular order:

"...a balance of space in all four quadrants.What spatial connectivity... clearly a unified back and foreground image (an oak tree/grassland well past its bloom perhaps?)"

"Focus in, focus out."

"There is a botanical identification mind you..."

"Cool light brio, a bright color transition across a frosted landscape."

"A wolf-spider on frozen stalk...St. Michael the Archangel's holy sword -.aimed at, and crying holy, holy to the Lord!

"...a mysterious black figure, possibly Batman or Johnny Cash."

"I am the vine you are the branches."

" His bitter cold temperature named
agriculture...hardwood forest inclusions are important."

"Lived like a prince, now lives like a squire."

"Vultures are our friends...they purify the earth... they are God's necessary dark angels of bodily dissolution." - Margaret Atwood

"Bigger, brighter, and wider than snow.... and you finally found the courage to let it all go." - Robert Smith.

"Your old enough to know well, that better things are all up hill......there's a light, making its way, on up the mountain, night and day." Jakob Dylan

 "A peaceful frozen___________ on the eve."

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