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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Masterton

Now that the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs are almost over we can all breathe freely and hope for more sportsmanship like play as the quest unfolds. But the dilemma on everyone's mind still seems to be - what’s it going to take to reduce the silly goon tactics and overtly aggressive body contact so rampant in the NHL? More fines, increased suspensions, anger management classes… what about public service work in Taiwan?

What’s your suggestion?

Everyone knows the prestige and glory that comes with winning the Cup right? Sure-thing.  What I’m really interested in knowing is why hockey fans rarely discuss the other key trophy the NHL gives out at the end of the season? That is, when it's finally over…over...overtime.  Often referred to as the comeback player of the year award, The Masterton (Minnesota North Stars) is given to the player "who best exemplifies the qualities of perseverance, sportsmanship, and dedication to ice hockey.” Lofty goals aside, this is cool... admit it.

Ohhhhhhhhh, how I wish this honor was getting the attention it so deserves… unless your 2012 nominee Daniel Alfredsson of course. But boys will be boys. What?

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One more thing - do we need really need to hear from GM Brian “the Brain” Burke again? NHL blogger Brian Stubits captures the moment:

[…Burke does make a pretty good point about something else, something I've been saying in this blog through the first week as well. It's a damn shame what's going on with all of these hits and suspensions because it's distracting from the actual games, which so far have been excellently entertaining. Of course, Burke had his own awesome way of putting it.

'This is like people complaining about the rain at Woodstock," Burke said. "Yes, there was lots of mud, but it was the greatest music gathering in history.'

Maybe he's righter than even he thinks. There was a lot of mud at Woodstock but that's part of what made it so amazing, isn't it? Maybe in some twisted way the nastiness is making the already-great playoffs even better, if at least only in the intrigue factor. When bad blood builds, it often does make for a more compelling series to watch.] 

Ummm, how long is it before the next winter Olympics? Anyone?


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