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Monday, January 16, 2012

A Reflection on Belief and Suffering feat. Jeff Tweedy

An excerpt from the Sunken Treasure DVD -  a tour of the Pacific Northwest back in 2006...on creativity and suffering, and the boundaries between artist and fan. I believe Paul Simon has been channeling similar topics lately.

Photo: BW Trout, 2011
"There are people that love me, and that's really nice...I feel that, and it's really nice. I respect it. [However], people mis-understand that relationship quite a bit. They don't necessarily believe in me, they believe in themselves....
Kim Gordon from Sonic Youth once said, 'People pay to see people believe in themselves'. I think that's a very true statement. One of the things I really think is going on there is that... well, it's just like with people claiming that a piece of music makes them feel [a certain way]. I think that the opposite is probably true in that they have that feeling and the piece of music allows them to recognize it. I feel very flattered that people put me at the center of it. I enjoy that, it's nice. But, I think I have to be really rational about it, and remember that it's really coming from them.
The thing I bristle at is the idea that artists or musicians, or people that are creative, suffer more than anybody else. I think that is patently false. I think that everyone suffers...I think the world is kind of built on how well you cope with your suffering, how well you transcend it, move [beyond] it, and what you learn from it. I'm no different from anyone else in that regard. I just try to keep moving..."
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