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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Worthy Summer Presentations

Variable Density Thinning Finland, MN

As Minnesota's rural economies struggle during the economic downturn, communities look to maximize their resources. The state's abundant forests present both opportunities and challenges, and hard decisions need to be made to ensure productivity and environmental legacy. A Co-production of TPT and the Charles K. Blandin Foundation.

Yellow Birch Regen Finland, MN
 The world’s religions are seriously engaging in work to address ecological and social concerns related to climate change. How are faith communities responding to climate concerns, and what do their ethical and moral perspectives add to scientific approaches to climate change? This webinar will provide information about:

- History, trends, and tensions in faith community response to climate change
- Religious teachings and moral imperatives about climate change and environmental stewardship
- Engaged projects within faith communities as examples of response in action

White Pine Germinants After Fire Deer River, MN

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