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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Palm Sunday Meaning and Reflection

The meaning of Palm Sunday provides an opportune time for us to reflect on the Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ, understanding that our search for God – important as that is – becomes truly meaningful when we begin to discern God’s deep, abiding love and never-ending search for us. Pray for me as I for you.

Palm Sunday from Dan Goren on Vimeo.

“My Kingdom does not belong to this world” (Jn 18: 36)

Our Holiest Week: A Practical Guide to the Liturgies of Holy Week.

Franciscan Radio Palm Sunday Retreat:  with Auxiliary Bishop Daniel E. Flores of Detroit (30 minute MP3 or podcast audio).

Politics and Truth: by James V Schall S.J


Closing Thoughts from St. Catherine of Siena: 

"Let's go out and receive our King, who comes to us humble and meek. Oh let us who are proud behold the Master of humility coming to us seated on an ass! For our Savior has told us that one of his reasons for coming on that beast was to show us what our humanity had become by sin, and to show us how we should treat this ass, our humanity...Oh ancient Truth, you have taught us how we should treat this beast! I want you... to get on top of this ass; master yourselves; be humble and meek. And on what feet shall we get up there, sweetest love? On hatred of apathy and love of virtue. 

But let's do this...the channel is open and flowing; so, since we need no provision the ship of our soul, let's proceed to provision it there, at that sweetness of channels, the heart and soul and body of Jesus Christ. We will find that this channel flows with so great a love that we will easily be able to fill our souls. So I say to you: don't be slow to put your eye to this open window. For I assure you that supreme Goodness has prepared the times and the ways for us to do great deeds for him. This is why I told you to be eager to increase your holy desire, and not to be satisfied with little things, because he wants great things! " The Letters of St. Catherine of Siena Vol. 1. 

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