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Monday, November 29, 2010

It's About Climate Time!

It’s about “climate” time folks! 

Highlighting the intersection between science and religion, Joe Towalski writes for the St. Paul, MN Archdiocesan newspaper The Catholic Spirit. Below is a clip from his latest article entitled, Prudence, civility needed in climate change debate, Nov, 26th, 2010:
[“Good science. Prudence. Both are needed as the world addresses the issue of climate change. I would also add one more thing: Civility as the science and its public policy implications are debated.
An associate professor at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul is among those pushing for more civility and clearing up misinformation that clouds the debate. John Abraham says the scientific community needs to present the science about climate and greenhouse gas emissions objectively and dispassionately if there’s any hope of convincing sincere skeptics and getting them on board to find solutions. He has launched a website to connect the news media to about 50 national experts on various topics related to climate change.
“We need to depolarize the debate,” Abraham recently told the StarTribune newspaper. “As long as we are polarized, we are stalemated.”
Hopefully, his efforts will be a positive step to help the media and the general public better address this important issue…”] Read the Full Article
Finally, a quality news article showcasing one professor’s plea for civility in the endless, mud-slinging debate over the pre-eminent topic facing our world. Thank you Mr. Abraham for sticking your neck out! Your efforts are appreciated by natural resource and forestry professionals throughout the Great Lakes. 


Star-Tribune Article:  "Experts join climate debate - Seeking to avoid partisan politics, scientists speak up on global warming. " Nov. 25th, 2010.  I recommend exploring the comments section that follows this article. It’s truly disheartening to see so much anger, rage, misinformation, and political banter. Even on Thanksgiving people?

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