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Friday, April 16, 2010

Beyond the Surf or A Whole Lotta Hot Tub- Pt. 1

Normally a vacation to southern Florida in February means warm temperatures, sunny skies, and peaceful breezes on the beach right? This year turned out be vastly different. Daytime temperatures struggled to reach the 70's while chilly evenings resembled many a autumn night in Northern Minnesota. It's kind of hilarious, but spending a week in Naples resulted in listening to several local and unexpected rants about the southern weather anomalie. Imagine that in Gator country?

Of course, let's not forget that a cool weather pattern means zero chance of encountering Florida mosquitos not to mention the abundant, creepy-crawly tropical insects and amphibians.

Despite our base camp location of brazenly developed retirement havens - complete with dreamy, manicured golf courses - I am amazed at the amount of outdoor opportunties still available in Southern Florida. Ya'll know it, places like beaches, parks, nature preserves, museums, hiking, canoeing, fishing, rookeries, swamps... it's all here in most spectacular wonder!

Now I'm no photographer of taste, but I was easily lured into taking pictures at will, hoping in every way that I at least captured a sense of wonder for my own personal Florida. An "A" for effort is my motto... Not all of these photos are mine though. I support family photo-sharing so thanks to my parents for a contributing a few. Look for a few additional photo logs to come...

When quizzed I will tell you that one of my main objectives for a vacation is to strive for relaxation and peaceful communion with Christ. I am very grateful for finding that at San Marco Church on the Island. Thanks and prayers for a special guest- Fr. Freund! Still, I couldn't help but spent a fair amount of time traveling around the region with my Dad. I'm glad he shares my passion for exploration. Early on in the trip we spent some time exploring things like Dania Beach and Pier, Retro-Car Shows, and the International Game Fish Association (IGFA). My mother gets full credit for taking us to a very special restaurant called "Cracklin Jack's" a taste of the Everglades! I chose their andouille sausage served over dirty rice w/sauteed onions, peppers, mushroom, and garlic!

Although a sauna would have been more appropriate, most nights in FLA concluded with a warming hot-spa experience! Another reason to be grateful for family.

A Christain community of faith, striving to be closer to God.
Florida Catholic of Venice
Diocese of Venice 1984-2009

Sandy beaches, fishing, and ethnic diversity w/out the crowds.... especially when the temps hover around the mid-60's.

Everything you ever wanted to know about the passion of fishing and why guys spend thousands of dollars on gear, tackle, boats, etc. Includes art, film, and photography exhibits.

Seafood combos, frog legs, grouper, red meat, mahi,mahi, pulled pork, catfish, clam, gator tail!

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