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Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Light

There once was a holy man, well into his eighties, who spent his days in prayer, fasting, and caring for the poor. Walking through the market one day, he saw a young woman of extraordinary beauty selling figs.

"You are so beautiful!" he exclaimed. "I can see light shining through you, above you,
around you..."

"It is God's light", she said, drawing her colorful shawl tightly around her.
"I am very foolish" he apologized. "I want to hold you yet I am married, nearing the end of my days..."

The woman looked at him steadily.

"You see the same light I see in you; it is not my light any more than it is your light.""But how can I say good-bye to you- my heart is breaking", he wept.

"God's children always shine from the inside out", continued the woman. "The glow is really God's love beaming through our compassion, friendliness, and above all, inner peace."

"Light brings forth light, the light of God's presence", murmured the old man. "As long as we dwell in this light, we will always be together..."

Having paid for a dozen figs, he smiled and continued his journey.

John 8:12

The Light of Life from daihei shibata on Vimeo.

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