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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Productive Day leads to "We Really Can Get Along."

This morning was simply and most profoundly...productive. Webster's defines it as "creatively fertile" and I couldn't agree more. Despite the recent weeks of discussion over budget cuts, boundary realignments, hiring freezes, and doing more with less, today...I allowed myself the luxury of listening carefully and responding respectively. Some call it relationship building, ya know... of the human kind.

Part of the reason for continued clarity - or the need to post this simple reflection - comes through my weekly hour with the Blessed Sacrament, and it just so happens to be after that hour... a Tuesday night. Despite some wishful neighborly report(s), I haven't experienced any visions and I'm not into loud video games, creepy-helloween, or the like. Just a simple desire to open myself to the Holy Spirit. A gentle reminder of Prudence and Her comfortable desire that inspiration’s not far behind.

"The sun is out, the sky is blue, it's beautiful and so are you..."

Then in a flash, I remembered a meditation from last September’s Magnificat: or better yet- it pierced my heart like a crown of thorns...

Work and Love

"We must always remind ourselves that our first work does not arise from the capacity to create new structures, but rather it is… a sensibility to the common and singular needs that exist: the use of intelligence and energy to assist in the creation of a more human environment in the situation where you are. Only if the imagination is awakened can new forms of work be invented. This can only spring forth from an amazement, a devotion, a love for what man is. The factory remains the factory, (or in my case… the DNR remains the DNR) but it’s not like it was before. Wherever a presence – determined by this passion for man – expresses a generosity, steadfastness, and imagination, and meets with a certain openness, the work environment is not like it was before.

I have heard you tell me a hundred times, ‘Now I go to work with a passion that I never expected, that before I never even dreamed possible,’ which means that you don’t go to the job you used to go to, but you perform a ‘new work’, a more human work that doesn’t leave out any aspect, any particular.

Nothing is more concrete than love. Outside of love, concreteness is established by developing a preconceived idea into a program, a program into a preconceived idea. That is, by an ideology that is determined to find its own way and exploits everyone it encounters in the process. Instead, a group of people gathered together who try to keep in mind the true sense of man as a creature of God becomes capable of inventing the truly new. Beyond any scheme, it doesn’t remain prisoner of the ordinary programs and always finds a space in which a new flower or new leaf may come to life. In those places where people get together in this way they become truly creative, they become real protagonists in the world. This is why we want to become protagonists in the working world, not as the representatives of categories or roles or interest groups, but representatives of man."

Monsignor Luigi Giussani

(Monsignor Giussani was a priest from Milan, Italy, who was the founder of the ecclesial movement Communion and Liberation).
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