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Friday, January 16, 2009

Local Laundermat Overcharges

Once a month or so I drop off some shirts for cleaning at a local Duluth laundry. Usually I'm a happy and satisified patron. Not anymore.

Today my bank tells me that "sohboh" laundermat of Duluth charged $514.49 for a laundry drop-off on 12/15/08. Yep, that's right!

Whoa... when's the last time a sucker dropped off a dozen shirts for laundry and signed for them only to realize they cost 45x times worth the value? Granted, I'm not financially savvy when it comes to balancing books, but usually I know when someone overcharges.

I remember.

P.S- between you and me, the actual charge should have been $54.49 not $514.49.

Now that the holiday's are over be sure to review your checkbook and credit card purchases. One important questions to ask...."Did I keep all of the receipt(s)"?

Please ma'am and/or sir, I just want my $463.00 back + the $30.00 bank overdraft. Let's avoid court if possible. No hard feelings and I'll pray for you.


Gabrielle said...

Paul, I hope you get your money back with no problems or hassles. I'm actually just sitting here listening to your playlist while I pay my bills and balance my own cheque book!

Harbor Star said...

Yes, I believe this issue has been resolved although I'm still waiting for written confirmation from my bank. The laundromat was very gracious in dealing with this situation once I brought it to their attention. Thanks for your concern!

Glad to see your blogs are up and running again. I linked to your sites but I was under the impression that you weren't posting anymore?