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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Airplane Heroes

A dedicated pilot. A trustworthy cockpit crew. An alert staff who rose above the "you ain’t nothin but a waitress in the sky" stereotype. I can think of dozens of ways to describe and praise these newly anointed heroes. What really struck me was how the media considered the event to be a miracle. I ask... if we agree that a miracle occurred and I do, how should we consider tragic events where the outcomes result in human suffering and loss of life? Are miracles purely the result of human action or is there divine intervention? Or, are all heroic acts just random, unconnected events that have no larger significance . Some would say the latter. For me, it's a combination of several things. But ultimately a unification of the secular and the sacred.

I was a bit surprised by the media overhype however. Here's one blogger's reaction and links. Closer to home, I received this message in my email recently:

"Like [Minnesota] state employees during a natural disaster, the well-trained, unionized crew-members reacted coolly under pressure. Question: Who do you want piloting the plane on your next trip? Answer: A unionized, trained crew with years of experience. " - MAPE

US Airways Flight 1549 Surveillance Video from DuckStud on Vimeo.

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