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Monday, December 22, 2008

Year of the Song

Here's a collection of songs that caught my attention this year. Nothing too eclectic or ground-breaking, just some harbor star favs, beats, and ear candy reflections. Selecting songs from imeem is rather interesting. Even though the rock category tends to dominate their site, I do see an attempt to provide for a broad selection of musical genres. Keep in mind that blogger geeks are limited to certain genres when creating goofy music playlists like the one found below.

Nobody will ever allow old school-CD quality soul, jazz, or country to be available on these sites will they?

Well, one positive is that imeem does provide direct download links to iTunes and Amazon. It's just that... well.... I mean.... man I don't want to deal with purchasing 128 or 256bps downloads anymore. Give me CD quality or heaven forbid the analog album. I'm soooo tired of poor quality audio and poor quality streaming. Blah, blah.... yeah I know that many folks find download sound quality acceptable on iPod's. When is it going to improve?

Oh why did I get rid of all those obscure 80's indie rock albums. What about the Godfathers! As one critic suggests, too much guitar and not enough synth. Kind of like my religious devotion at the time.

Alas, I'd rather be playing music at our station.

Year end promo-- Be sure to tune into 91.7 KAXE or visit our website and read about staff and volunteer music favorites. We always provide MP3 clips of recent shows and featured programs like Center Stage (MN Music). Tune in New Years Eve for a special On The River with you hosts Heidi and Tom. I understand they will be featuring many, many music favorites from 2008.

My selections below may conjure up a smile or a frown. You might dance to the music, or plug your ears to the noise. Reflect perhaps. Hopefully pray. It's all for you.....

For The Waiting- 2008

Not included but worthy of mention:
- The Acorn "Crooked Legs" (Glory Hope Mountain)
- Jonatha Brooke "There's More True Lover's Than One" (The Works)
- Hacienda Brothers "Soul Mountain" (Arizona Motel)
- Raphael Saadiq "Keep Marchin" (The Way I See It)
- Justin Townes Earle "The Good Life" (The Good Life)
- Jakob Dylan "War Is Kind" (Seeing Things)
- The Dynamites "Every Time" (Kaboom!)
- Gary Louris "True Blue" (Vagabonds)
- Fleet Foxes "Ragged Wood" (Self-Titled)
- The Mother Truckers "Quiet Night" (Let's All Go To Bed)

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