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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

That Special Place or The Waiting is the Hardest Part

Everyone has special, quiet places they cherish don’t they?

Perhaps it’s on the deck, or in the ice-house, or at the cabin. Maybe it's more specific- that corner window seat in a local coffee shop. That 3rd floor couch in a Minneapolis library. The 14th pew... about halfway down the aisle is the exact spot where the sun shines through the stained glass window and lights up the church. All of these places serve a purpose.

Shhhhhhhh. I’ll let you in on a secret. There’s one more. You may not know it yet. You may not even know what or where it is. You may even have to ask someone directions. It’s….. your local Adoration Chapel!

Fortunately for Duluthians, we have a perpetual adoration chapel located downtown across from St. Mary’s hospital next to St. Mary Star of the Sea Parish.

Adoration chapels are one of God’s greatest gifts. Here is a place to spend quality time with Jesus. Pray, vent, laugh, cry… but most of all take part in adoration of Jesus Christ present in the Holy Eucharist.

Most of the time I pray in silence. Some nights people just walk in ready to talk. A situation arises where I get to listen to a homeless or intoxicated person. This usually doesn't last to long unless...

Last month was very interesting. I walked into the chapel on a regular Tuesday night and immediately witnessed a rather vocal discussion between the 5pm adorer and a gentleman with a pronounced Irish accent. Once they realized I was here for the 6pm hour, the conversation muted. After a few minutes though, I understood the issue. An attempt to convince that the English are to blame for a variety of maladies in Northern Ireland.

It really happens folks.....

One of the greatest benefits of Tues. nights is seeing my favorite couple the Balaich's! They come every week… always with a smile. Best of all, they never forget to say goodnight.

No matter what mood I come in with, I always go away feeling blessed. Tonight being no exception.

I want to share with you a brief passage from the late spiritual writer Henry Nouwen. He’s very popular, especially with Catholics. Henry has that rare writing gift. A special ability to capture the essence of our longing for God.

This is from a collection of writings entitled “Living in Hope” (Tuesday, 3rd Week of Advent). A reflection that seems to be addressed specifically to me, given my grumbling lately. I'll spare those details for now.

I am the good shepherd. I know my own and my own know me, just as the Father knows me and I know the Father. John 10: 14-15

[Increasingly, we feel we have less and less influence on the decisions that affect us. So it becomes increasingly important to recognize that the largest part of our existence involves waiting in the sense of being acted upon. The life of Jesus tells us that not to be in control is part of the human condition. His calling in life and ours are fulfilled not just in action but also in passion, in waiting.

When we realize that God in Jesus Christ is waiting for our response in divine love, then we can discover a whole new perspective on how to wait in life. We can learn to be obedient people who do not always try to act but who recognize the fulfillment of our deepest humanity in passion, in waiting. The spirituality of waiting is not simply our waiting for God. It is also participating in God’s own waiting for us and in that way coming to share in the deepest love, which is God’s love. ]

(For Sherilyn and your brother Nate… praying for you)

“The waiting is the hardest part”
- Tom Petty -

Oops... I forgot. This blog is supposed to be about music.

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