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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Forester Sale Adminstration Pt. 1

Foresters throughout the State are busy administering timber sales and for me this means more opportunities to get out of the office!

Since we haven’t received much snow lately, most of the upland forest mesic soils in Northern MN have had time to freeze properly. Occasionally there are small inclusions ( wet areas ) however that aren't adequately frozen just yet. These might be located in one of the main equipment traffic areas like a skid trail or a haul road. One way that foresters allow loggers to operate across these wet areas is by recommending the construction of a "slash mat bridge".

Typically, a slash mat bridge contains a grouping or piling of small logs, brush, and/or branches that are placed on top of a semi-frozen drainage or wet area. This allows equipment to travel over the sensitive area without seriously damaging the soils. Properly constructed, a slash mat bridge minimizes compaction and prevents rutting.

Skidder with a drag of aspen crossing a wet ash drainage -
slash mat bridge installed

Stay tuned over the winter months for more examples of foresters and loggers working together to manage and sustain Minnesota's forest resources...... if we make it through December.

It's hopeful anticipation mixed with economic blue.

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