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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Post-Halloween Film Recommendation

Mix dramatic monologues with keen theatrical production and what do you get? Tales from the Madhouse.

Netflix describes it simply : "Inside a run-down Victorian sanatorium, eight peculiar individuals share their confidential stories of encounters with Jesus of Nazareth, an incident that's had a lasting effect on them. It soon appears that each of these odd characters bears a contemporary resemblance to characters found in the Gospels. "

Pilate’s Wife [Mat 27: 19]
The Rich Man* [Mat 19: 16-22]
The Best Friend [Mat 27: 3-5]
The Mourner [Luk 7: 11-15]
The Servant Girl [Luk 22: 56-62]
Barrabas [Luk 23: 18-25]
The Centurion [Mat 8: 5-13, Mat 27:54]
The Thief [Luk 23: 33-43]

For a glimpse check out this trailer.

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Originally released by the BBC as a Lenten and Holy Week reflection, Tales from the Madhouse seems appropriate for the Advent season as well… a time of poignant anticipation and quiet hope. The genius behind Tales comes from the quality presentation of the actors including heavyweights like Claire Bloom and Jonathan Pryce. Although the overall presentation leans toward the halloween thriller genre, a closer examination reveals significant insights into the Gospel characters and our response to them. Keep in mind these presentations are not Bible expositions, nor am I advocating this as authentic Christian interpretation.

If you rent this film, it’s best to watch one or two segments at a time. Attempting to watch the whole thing through may spoil the reflection. Even if you know nothing about the Bible, an engaged viewing will give you a deeper appreciation for Jesus Christ.

Some say Tales from the Madhouse is hopeless? I ask the curious...What do you say?

It’s kind of like TV on the Radio vs Cat Stevens:

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