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Friday, November 7, 2008

Asking You, Asking Me

Have you ever been asked that get to know you question, "what do you do"? I hear it all the time and I continue to be amazed by the response I get to my answers. Here’s the scenario.

Q: Joe Plumber- What do you do for a living?

A: I’m a forester.

Q: Joe Plumber- Oh. What’s a forester do?

A: A forester is a person who is engaged in forest management or conservation. I’ve been called a tree hugger, a timber beast, and everything in between.

Q: Joe Plumber- Oh.

A: Let me explain. As a state forester our mission is to "provide a long-term, sustainable yield of forest resources from state forest lands; improve the health and productivity of other public and private forest lands and community forest lands; and protect life, property, and natural resources from wildfires." The Minnesota Conservation Volunteer actually included an article about what state foresters do. Read more – Tree Guardians

Q: Joe Plumber- Oh, you mean a forester doesn’t just walk in the woods all day and count trees?

A: Well, yes we do…. but I see your still confused. Let’s dig a little deeper. It’s easy to imagine what a wildlife biologist or a naturalist does, right?. They study and describe all the neat, cute little animals and plants of the world. Birds, flowers, deer, fish…. these are often strikingly beautiful and easily observable to most backyard aficionado’s. But wait a minute. Let’s not forget the trees!

Foresters love working with trees and learning everything about them. In fact, we love them so much that we are pleased to announce a brand new re-publication of Minnesota's Forests and Trees: A Primer. This is FREE and available just for you Joe! After reading and studying, you just might know what a forester does. You’ll certainly be able to impress and educate your family, friends, and scenesters with things like:

  • Tell a story by studying a tree’s growth rings.
  • Have comfort that you can still love the Earth and cut trees.
  • Know the location of Minnesota’s first sawmill and when it opened.
  • Be able to explain what happens with fall colors and the weather.

    • "This book is written for those of us who care about trees and forests and who want to share our knowledge with others. With a little motivation, each one of us can teach about trees, care for trees, and establish a legacy of trees around our schools, homes, and communities. Please share what you learn with students, neighbors, community leaders, and others who care for trees and forests.”

      Joe, you should also check out this new video on the one-billionth tree awaiting next year’s planting!

      And remember Joe- A happy white pine is a protected white pine!

      ... from seedling to maturity...

      The timber program forester:

      Now I’m going to ask you what everyone’s asking me…. What do YOU do?

      The Owls "Channel" from Magic Marker on Vimeo.


      Heidi Holtan said...

      This would be a good Between You and Me topic Paul -

      Harbor Star said...

      Go for it!