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Thursday, July 3, 2008

You're Goin the Wrong Way!

Here's a quick story about my morning city driving experience:

Around 11:30 am this morning I was on my way to mass at St. Mary’s Star of the Sea when out of nowhere I spot a mini-van passing me on my left (we’re on a two way street that typcially has a fair amount of traffic during this part of the day). The road markings are two solid yellow lines! Last time I checked, the DMV states that there’s not to be any passing in the left lane and definitely no driving in the left lane.

As you can imagine, this moment was very perplexing. I was confused and I had a strong urge to laugh. Finally, enough of this. I stop my truck in the road and assume she’ll figure it out and signal back into the right lane.


You know that most cities have a lot of multi-lane, one way streets. Some of these streets switch from a one-way to a two way in the blink of an eye. That’s what I assume happened to this poor woman who still thought she was driving in the left lane of a one-way.
Photo: Darin Breen
It gets even crazier-- 10 seconds later she slams on the horn signaling to the oncoming driver (going the correct way on the two way ) to get out of her lane.

Finally all vehicles come to a stop. Two cars are behind me, lady driver is still in the left lane, and the other oncoming vehicle is idling away, ready to get on with her day.

So, I slowly drive my vehicle next to hers, roll down the window, and expect to hear an earful from a raging lunatic. Fortunately, she is calm. I tell her "your going the wrong way…… this street is NOT a one way." Oh, the look of anguish on her face.

Then, she immediately puts her van into rear with the intention of backing up behind me. I say "NO, NO!!"

"Go ahead and pull forward and go around me." Then it clicks. She drives off... completely mortified at what just took place in the street I’m sure.

With my window still down, I look across the street. A dude is on the sidewalk heading toward the hospital. "Some people!" he says laughing. I grin.

Upon passing the vehicle heading east bound, we just smile and wave.

Now I know who to pray for today. : > )

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