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Friday, July 25, 2008

Winnipeg Folk Festival Music Bits

Look up Winnipeg in the dictionary, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and you will find the warning: beware of the July (CLPS). No, that's not referring to the latest indie-rock project from Canada. Instead, CLPS refers to Canadian Low Pressure System(s). Sometimes referred to as the Alberta Clipper (Americanized version).

Normally, Winnipeg in July is easy street- sunny skies, moderate wind, warm temps.


This year, it's the weather that never ceases to it hot, is it cold, wet or dry... one never knows. Fortunately for festival attendees the tornadoe canceled. Only close encounters....

More on that subject to come. Tornadoes, Iron Range, dreams.... what's it mean?

(Thanks to Justin Hobson for the photo credit)

Seriously though, now that everyone has comfortably forgotten about the rain soaked shows, I can get on with da business. It’s time to post about the festival. As you've come to know, I am a man of few words. This blog entry will be an ongoing attempt to capture some of my music thoughts and memories. More importantly, it will contain shameless promotion of music, cause that's what this thing is about. As Bill Elder (The Dynamites composer, guitarist and producer) shouted out during a rain soaked soul party, " Y'all a bunch of music freaks aren't ya!" Yep, and I'll shake my white-male, groove-move anytime someone suggests that. Of course, nobody busts - a - move like tye-died Irwin. You know him, you love him. By the way, 2007's event became known as the " White males.... they still can't dance" folk festival. You remember that right? Yesssssssss......

First, here's a slideshow of selected amateur photos that I culled from my digital vault. It's called "The Hack" As you will see, photography isn't my forte.

Winnipeg Folk Festival 2008

Image hosted by
by HarborStar

If you want to see some real photography, visit the Winnipeg Folk Festival website.

On Thursday evening Carrie Rodriquez kicked things off with a really fresh set of music, including songs from her upcoming album "She Ain’t Me".

For the first time.

I wasn’t aware that she was promoting a new album, so listening to a few songs live was a treat.

Damn! Carrie Rodriquez

Carrie’s music is the twang for modern day cowgirls and cowboys. After opening with the hypnotic "Seven Angels on a Bicycle", Carrie worked into the set two striking cuts from the new album. She proudly announced that "Infinite Night" was co-written with Gary Louris of the Jayhawks. What a great way to start a festival! An instant favorite that's sure to get lots of airplay at KAXE...... "just a little bored of the infinite night."

She also featured "Absence", co-written with Mary Gauthier. Another gem for those who appreciate heartfelt lyrics.

Thanks Carrie. Your music sticks to the road.

How’s Brooklyn treating you? We have plenty of room in Northern MN for you and your band. Come on up!

Review of her 1st solo album:

Taking a break from duet duties with Chip Taylor, Rodriguez takes a stick of dynamite to country music. So used are we to seeing Rodriguez playing second fiddle to Chip Taylor, the verve, swagger and attitude she flaunts on this excellent solo debut comes as quite a shock. It may be rooted in an Austin country background, but it's a surprisingly adventurous, eclectic collection, with telling roles for avant-jazz guitarist Bill Frisell and her husband, jazz sax player Javier Vercher, whose contribution takes the compelling title song into a new dimension. There's a real earthiness in both Carrie's singing and fiddle playing on a series of colourful neo-country songs (half of them written with Taylor .) She's hot and steamy one minute on the outrageously seductive 50s French Movies, and pure Nashville the next on the Tammy-esque I Don't Want To Play House.

Four Stars **** Colin Irwin- Mojo

Carrie Rodriquez music: The new album "She Ain't Me" is due out August 8th on Manhattan/Backporch Records.

Do visit this entry... I'll try to post more music soon. Criticism welcome.

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