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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tab- A Mind Sticker

Tonight I had the honor and pleasure of attending a work-social and barbecue at the gorgeous Cloquet Forestry Center. Each year supervisors and staff from around the State get together to re-acquaint themselves and crack a few jokes. Maybe even gripe a little (or a lot) about how our work gets even more complicated. Unlike most red carpet events, this shin-dig is o' natural, with a pathwalk comprised solely of wood chips from Minnesota.

Certified by SFI and FSC of course.

I'm quickly informed that beverages tonight include water and mixed soda-pop drinks. Micro-brews come later after all the dorky kids show up. When the picnic food is ready, I quickly sample a taste of baked beans and potato salad. Yum. Then savor a polish sausage and chicken strip. Eventually, I strut on over to the cooler, quietly ask to see what’s hiding. No, it's not ceremonious flap-jaw that creates a mighty's....

I couldn’t believe my eyes! Several pink cans….. could it be?

No way. Not in 2008.

I carefully stick my hand in, feel through several chunks of melting ice, and hoist one up! Yep, it’s TAB!

What a gas!

Right on!


I understand that one of our media folks- (a forester named M.H, and I thank you dearly for this, I'm serious)- probably excavated these from an old root cellar or perhaps she hired some contractors to hoist them out of the Mississippi / Minnesota River confluence. I heard back then about the ol’ Coca-Cola barge that sunk somewhere in those murky depths. Who needs born on dates anyway.

Y’all remember this gem of a drink. First issued during the fabulous sixties, Tab was one of several new DIET (it really works) drinks to be released in America (at that time, I had a diaper spot for Fresca .... while today it's being marketed as the drink for the downtown scenester). Tab sales quickly boomed in the sensational seventies as marketing teams began to target the soft drink at young to middle aged women, and although it was tre-chic for men to sip on as well, I rarely recall anyone in my childood partaking in it's funky cola blend. Tab continued to be a major hit in the eighties as well. This I do remember. Just ask my parents- they used to drink it regularly.

So tonight I’m goin’ retro. I’ll never need a conversation starter again. Tab fits well into discussions about prescribed burns (3.28MB) and pine regeneration, but even better when ranting about Native Plant Communities in fire dependent boreal forests on the North Shore. Tab's influence was the talk of the party.

It's the old drink for the new forester. Keeping your shape in shape is my new motto, or is it ...what condition is my condition in (some saccharin damage prevents me from memberin'). Thanks anyway Tab.

How to drink? Get 12 oz. tall clear class. Fill with as much small ice cubes as possible (aids in numbing taste buds). Open Tab can and pour in slowly making sure that tall glass is tilted at a 45 degree angle. Wait 5-10 minutes before tasting. Drink reasonably fast. Repeat.

Share your results.

Special thanks to my DNR Forestry supervisors for inviting me!

What’s your favorite retro-soda-pop?


Heidi Holtan said...

Oh TAB! I knew you so well! I drank you so often! I miss your sacchrin ways! Remember how I'd steal you from the pope machine at my family's resort and put it on my brother's TAB? hee hee....

Congratulations on the award Paul! Tab is pretty good, but if only there had been some Pop Shoppe Pop....

harbor star said...


I remember that cool bottled sugarwater-Pop Shoppe. What I can't remember is some really sweet fizz drink that was like alt-lemonade, but way more carbonated. It's market release did not last long! I can picture the can, but not the name.

It's pop machine, not Pope : > )
Benedict loves it!

HH is cool,


Heidi Holtan said...

Mello Yellow? White Lightning? Chico stick?

Harbor Star said...

Nope, that's not it. It literally just "popped" into my head....

Rondo! The Thirst Quencher!

Yesssssss..... I loved it!