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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Not Just Your Average Folk Festival

Start packing, call your friends, get the family together-- it's time once again for a whole slew of characters from Northern Minnesota to make their annual trek to the Manitoba prairie and be a part of the Winnipeg Folk Festival. It's been 35 years since the festival first kicked off in 1973. Winnipeg volunteers and staff have shown amazing patience, creativity and work ethic in growing this festival! Every year there's new opportunities to enjoy cool music, eat healthy food, and just relax (or should I say bake) in the sun. Let’s hope the weather holds like last year. We didn’t see a drop of rain over the four day festival. Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic church is north of town if your looking for Mass service too.

A Weather forecast is available here.

The folk festival website contains a preview of music lineups including both the evening main stage concerts and daytime workshops / concerts. There’s just too much I recommend so I put together a few artist links to explore, plus there's a playlist above for your enjoyment. You can also listen to my festival music special that aired on Saturday, July 5th (12-4pm) KAXE-On The River. You can play or download 15 minute MP3 excerpts from our website here. Click on the redbird head and that will take you to our radio archives.

Eve Tushnet on The Weakerthans (a great read).

Steve Legett on The Red Stick Ramblers

Calexico-- I recommend their DVD "World Drifts In" as a starting point. This is a live concert in England and truly captures them at their best. It's also available to rent thru Netflix.

Marisa Brown on Balkan Beat Box

Please feel free to share your comments and thoughts about the festival.

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