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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Walk in the Woods w/Louis Jenkins

KAXE has and always will be two-way radio. It’s purpose is an important one- to connect members of the community with one another:

To share,
To listen,
To laugh,
To savor.

This poem came by way of morning show personality Harry Hutchins and seems well suited for those that work in the woods:

A Walk in the Woods
by Louis Jenkins

Out here in the woods I can say anything I like without
fear of contradiction.

I am not faced with solving any of
the great problems.

I have only to cross a twenty-acre patch
of mixed hardwoods and spruce from one road to another without getting lost.

I am as free as the birds that
flit from tree to tree, like the white-throated sparrow, singing "old Sam Peabody, Peabody, Peabody," or the trees
that are doing their usual dance-arms extended, fingertips raised, feet firmly planted, swaying from side to side.

Just across the clearing there's a group of slender aspen, all in
their spring party dress, chattering away. Now the music
begins again. "Moon River."

Ladies choice.

That tall
homely one bends over to whisper to her friend and ...oh,
hell, they're all looking straight at me.


Perhaps one of the best things about being a forester is the opportunity to take walks in the woods. Each one of the paths taken are as varied and unique as rain-drops from the sky. Although most of the time my walks are of focused concentration—counting, inventorying, swatting, designing, surveying, –-I try to never take for granted the simple joy of being connected with the natural environment. One should know that foresters will never concede to being "lost" in the woods as Jenkins alludes too in his poem. I may struggle with navigating the myriad of circular campground loops at Birds Hill Park, but I'll never be lost in the woods. I don't even need a GPS, although this is increasingly becoming a must have.

In your next walk, think about Jenkins slender aspens, his singing sparrow. Better yet, get a copy of his prose and bring it with you. Louis Jenkins is a poet from Duluth, MN and his writing is available thru Holy Cow Press.

Favorite Minnesota walking paths:

Superior Hiking Trail

Angleworm Trail

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