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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Diner w/Martin Sexton

The best artists and musicians are those that can easily shuffle through various styles and song-persona's in their craft. One of those artist's is Martin Sexton. On the new album Seeds, you can clearly discern a love of musical diversity including Motown-style R&B, acoustic pop balladry, blues, jazz, and rock. His dedication cover song of Billy Preston (the 5th Beatle) is testament to the power of soul music!

Join KAXE in welcoming Martin Sexton to our Mississippi River Amphitheatre on June 21st, 2008! We've come to expect amazing solo performances from this non-stop touring artist. This time around we'll get an intimate listen to Martin's new recording along with selections from many of his best known songs. An early evening outdoor performance promises to be truly captivating. Concert starts at 5pm.... bring a chair or blanket.

Martin recorded a favorite of mine on the album Black Sheep (Koch, 2006). The song's entitled "Diner" . Named after several famous all day and night establishments, like "Mickey's Diner" in St. Paul, Minnesota.

You might have seen one out in Minnesota

Or maybe down by the sea in Sarasota
But they were made back in Worcester Mass
Of aluminum and bakalite and glass

Like a locomotive they were streamlines
And the blue prints were drawn up from a dream of mine
Slap 'em up put 'em on the train
Out to Michigan up to Maine

You may find a diner down in Georgia or Carolina
off the twenty by the piggly wiggly
In the country out of Waynsboro
Or when it's getting late and rainy out in New York State

You hang a louie off the thru-way
And you go and grab yourself a cheeseburger
At the little gem diner off the six niner

Diner my shiny shiny love
In the night you're all I'm thinking of
Diner my shiny shiny love

The cruiser pulls in where the trooper's always stop
As we dine over the chrome and formica table top

The cashier she always squints
By the gum and the bowl of mints
She's tapping her toe
To the Dean Martin on the consolette
Booth service and a cigarette we're loving it so

Side of fries a dollar
Or the haddock plate two ninety five
A rootbeer float a pepsi
And be sure to save some room for some apple pie
Better make it a-la-mode


Dean Martin god rest his soul
Talkin' to me from the cereal bowl
There's a couple from the show me state
Knockin' back a little meatloaf plate

Diner my shiny shiny love.

Hungry for a diner? A local experience can be found at the 371 Diner
14901 Edgewood Dr, Baxter, MN 56425. Don't pass up the old-fashioned malts.

What's your favorite diner?

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