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Monday, June 16, 2008

Bigfoot: Fact or Fantasy?

On occasion I get the opportunity to meet up with some foresters who I worked with during my tenure in the Effie Area. During a recent meeting in St. Paul, the topic of Bigfoot made its way into the conversation. Although you might think that laughable, one of my sources says that last month several sets of tracks were found adjacent to a logging road in a remote part of the Chippewa National Forest. According to one retired federal employee however, "I'm leaning toward a hoax on this one".

You agree?

Back in 2000, The City Pages did a well regarded interview with Bigfoot researcher Mike Quast. Mike's extensive knowledge of Bigfoot certainly gives credence to the possibility of an encounter. Even though Chippewa sightings are apparently very rare, Mike does imply that it's more likely the hairy creature can be found in the Superior National Forest.

[After more than a decade of cataloging people's claims of Bigfoot encounters, Quast is convinced that there are fewer sightings here because there are fewer people tromping through those woods. "It may sound like a broad statement, but if the Sasquatch does not exist in the Superior National Forest, then it does not exist at all," Quast wrote in his most recent work on the topic, The Sasquatch in Minnesota (revised edition)]. City Pages, 10/4/2000.]

Years ago while a student at the Unviersity of Minnesota, a good friend of mine confided to me that he saw a female Sasquatch in the BWCA. Now how can I doubt that coming from a boyscout troup leader and a full blooded Irishman. You know how heartfelt they are.

Each year as I prepare for yet another canoeing adventure, the thoughts never escape me. Is He or She (for that matter) really out there?

Photo: Greg Seitz

One word of advice.... the next time you visit your local north shore wilderness trail or campsite, be sure to your keep gear-packs tied securely off the ground and up in the canopy. Don't want Sasquatch running off with your best whities........

While enjoying a glass of Barefoot Chardonnay, check this video out on MSN

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Anonymous said...

I have information about a camping trip to the Chippewa National Forest, the Cut-Foot Souix National Forest Campground, autumn, where I heard whoops and tree knocks one night very near, if not right in, our campsite. At the time, I didn't think anything of it, really, but I just recently found a short sound recording of the same type of whoop on one of the Bigfoot research sites. I know it wasn't loons, and I know I'd never heard of any owl making that sound. I live in Minneapolis.